The life and progression of a property portfolio is sustained by proactive leasing. Like a patient goes to the doctor to undertake regular health checks, those that own commercial property should ensure their portfolio is well looked after.

We recognize the importance of relationships, not just with our clients, but with tenants and other agents, all of whom play a role in a property’s return.

Our strong links with retailers mean we are often the first to know when a tenant is considering a relocation, so we can get a head start on re-leasing or negotiating, to ensure they remain.

At Vend Property we have successfully leased and re-leased properties Australia-wide, so we can confidently assess investments and offer advice to commercial property owners.

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Beacon Lighting, as a national bulky goods retail business, seeks A+ sites throughout WA and Australia wide. We know the right sites are critical to our current and future success. We have been using the services of Vend Property for our site selection and advice now for a number of years. Jeff Klopper and his team have an intricate knowledge of the bulky goods market in WA and provide valuable strategic advice in relation to site selection and market dynamics.