Project Leasing

A particular area of expertise at Vend Property, we have a 100 percent success rate when it comes to project leasing. Every project we have ever undertaken has been leased successfully and almost always before the end of the project lifecycle.

Vacancies, rental returns and tenancies are the three key issues for property investors and each of these are directly influenced by the leasing process. With so much riding on the leasing process it’s important to have a skilled team at the helm and none are more skilled than our team at Vend Property.

Project leasing can span weeks, months or years, depending on the where the property is in its life cycle, and our experience has shown us that a successful result requires sustained and ongoing management.

Our unrelenting attention to detail, focus and drive has led to our enviable success rate.

Contact Jeff Klopper or Paul Davison to see how we can make your project a success story.

Linc Property has worked closely with Vend in both the leasing and sale of large bulky goods properties. Vend have succeeded in securing tenants where other agents have been unable to, through their strong knowledge of the market and relationships with key decision makers. Vend's performance on the sale of the Midland Central bulky goods asset was exemplary. They provided excellent materials, had strong relationships with prospective buyers and persisted in negotiating and securing a successful transaction despite difficult market conditions.